Bipasha Basu is happy about sweetheart Karan Singh Grover’s hot scenes being slashed off from Hate Story 3?

Mumbai, December 8 (CINEWS):Following the time when the bits of gossip about the developing closeness between Bipasha Basu’s playmate Karan Singh Grover and Zareen Khan rose, the senior performing artist had been interested about the hot scenes shot between him, Zareen and Daisy Shah.ksg

On Friday, when the film discharged, Bips was spotted at a Juhu multiplex screening Hate Story 3 with Karan close behind. She left away excited ( read calmed) on the grounds that the hot scenes were just about non-existent!

Reason: Buzz is that the Censor Board had cleaved off the greater part of the unequivocal scenes. Be that as it may, a source lets us know that Bipasha loved the film and felt that Karan had benefited work. She felt that just Karan’s vicinity was felt all through the film and Shah Rukh Khan may have jumped at the chance to assume that part prior amid the 90s.” Errm… we realize that is being similar to a gushing sweetheart at the same time, SRK and Hate Story — truly?

Abhor Story 3 has figured out how to make oodles of cash at the BO post its discharge. On its opening day, the boorish thriller gathered 9.72 crore, took after 8.05 crore on Saturday. Generally speaking, this suggestive thriller ha gathered a sum of 26.82 crore on its opening weekend! Sex genuinely offers, isn’t that right??

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