Bishop Cotton boys’ school should aspire to be one of top three schools in the world: President

New Delhi, Dec. 23 (ANI): President Pranab Mukherjee on Wednesday said that Bishop Cotton Boys’ school should aspire to be one of top three schools in the world while attending the 150th Anniversary of the School at Bengaluru.

Speaking on the occasion, President Mukherjee complimented the founders and management of the Bishop Cotton Boys’ School for its having successfully completed 150 years of service to the cause of education as well as to the Lord.

He said the School has carved out a niche for itself through its emphasis on quality.

“The aim of all education should be building of character and not merely injecting of information. Schools should instill in their students commitment to our core civilizational values such as love for motherland, belief in peaceful co-existence and acceptance of diversity. It should encourage rational thinking and inculcate a scientific temper,” said President Mukherjee.

The President pointed out that the alumni of the school have distinguished themselves in various fields and include eminent personalities such as General Thimayya and Dr Raja Ramanna.

Congratulating the school for being ranked amongst the three best schools in the country, he called upon school authorities, faculty, students and all other stakeholders to aspire to become one of the top three schools in the world.

The President expressed confidence that the school would continue to produce first rate citizens for the country. (ANI)

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