BJP acting irresponsibly over JNU furore: Hegde

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Bengaluru, Feb. 17 (ANI): Retired Supreme Court judge N. Santosh Hegde on Wednesday targeted the Centre for not acting in a responsible manner in connection with the JNU row, and added that he was deeply saddened to see JNU students stooping to the level of raising anti-national slogans and terming it as freedom of speech.

“”I am saddened by the fact that every incident in the country is now taking a political colour. There was an attack on professors and journalists, what is the BJP doing? Is this the way democracy is run by the government, by the people in power? I have no good word to say as to what happened in JNU,” Hegde told ANI.

“They (students) said Pakistan Zindabad. They also said that until India is destroyed, we will not keep quiet. What sort of slogans are these? Is it the slogan of an Indian who believes in democracy and makes statements like this? I was very very saddened. I never expected JNU students to come to this level and justify it by saying it’s a part of freedom of speech,” he added.

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Hegde further stated that every institution is losing its moral value, adding that political parties have exposed themselves in this incident.

“They supported what happened in JNU.they are only encouraging what happened in the JNU. The Tis Hazari matter indicates the thinking of the ruling party. All the political parties are indulging in a game which will be very dangerous for the country,” he said. (ANI)

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