BJP destroying social fabric of nation, says Tewari

New Delhi, Oct. 29 (ANI): Congress leader Manish Tewari on Thursday slammed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led NDA Government for destroying the social fabric of the nation in the 17 months of their rule.

“You (Central Government) have destroyed the social fabric of this country in 17 months. Today intelligentsia across the spectrum is rising up in revolt. Scientists, artists, writers, who are involved in creativity, are up in arms against you. In such a situation, a government has two options-either it listens or it steps aside,” Tewari told ANI.

Commenting on the protest by the students of the premier Film and Telivision institute, the Congress leader said, “What are those kids demanding? They are saying please protect the sanctity of our institution, do not defile our institution by appointing alleged third-graders.”

“Rather than listening to them, the government tried to crush them by all means. And today film makers have stood up in solidarity, and it hasn’t happened in 67 years that film makers have returned awards,” he added in the backdrop of filmakers returning their national awards expressing solidarity with the FTII students who ended their 139 day strike yesterday.

Tewari also highlighted the various actions taken and statements made by BJP and its allies, which have gathered widespread criticism.

“Scientists are returning awards to protest against this atmosphere of intolerance. Somewhere you send your police, in order to stop beef from being cooked, or beef from being sold in a restaurant. Your leaders say that Nathuram Godse’s hanging will be celebrated as ‘balidan diwas’ (Day of Sacrifice). Some of your chaps say that India should be a ‘hindu rashtra’. Others say that Muslims should be second grade citizens,” Tewari said. (ANI)

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