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BJP leaders under the lens in Kamal Nath’s war against mafia

Bhopal, Dec 26 (IANS) Amid a campaign by the Kamal Nath government of Madhya Pradesh against the mafia, a detailed list of BJP leaders is also being drawn up. According to sources, information on the leaders who give protection to those who indulge in wrong activities or who are related to any kind of immoral business, is being collected.

The Congress’ Madhya Pradesh government has been campaigning against the mafia for the last two months.

Besides, the ‘war for pure’ campaign is going on against adulteration, and land is also being freed from the occupation of the land mafia.

The government is now eyeing those who have political clout and are running businessess with their influence.

According to sources, the details of ‘such politically influential persons’ active in different parts of the state are being gathered.

The administration has been asked to collect data about such people.

Sources said the government has prepared a detailed list of more than a thousand people so far. Action can be taken against these people anytime. Most of them are associated with the BJP.

Sources claim that many BJP leaders are always trying to destabilize the government. The government is working on a special strategy on how to rein them in.

Those associated with the government believe that when it has all the details of the leaders of the opposition party, then they can be easily controlled.

The Congress is denying that this action is against the BJP. State Spokesperson and Deputy Chairman of the Media Department Syed Jaffer says that the Kamal Nath government wants to eliminate the mafia, and the campaign is on for this purpose.

He said, “The list does not include anyone’s name on the basis of the party. They are being investigated for what is wrong… many of them could be from the Congress as well. Action will be taken against all who are indulging in wrong deeds.”

BJP spokesperson Narendra Shivaji Patel says that the action against the mafia is supported by the BJP.

“But the government should take this action on the basis of fairness. There should not be political enmity in it, lest this act deviates to being used as a weapon against its opponents. At the same time, the government should fulfil the promises that it made at the time of the elections,” he said.

The government has instructed several Congress leaders along with the administrative officials of all the districts to scrutinize the records of those involved in illegal business. Its effect is also visible.

Political analysts believe that Chief Minister Kamal Nath’s working style is slowly changing, he is becoming aggressive. First, he ended the factionalism within the party, then tried to improve the administrative situation, the government moved towards stability, then he campaigned against the mafia and now he is looking at the politically influential people.

One such analyst said: “This will put a strain on not only the BJP, but also the Congress leaders because there are criminal workers who flourish under the patronage of many leaders, this cannot be denied.”



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