BJP not an individual or family-oriented party: Amit Shah

New Delhi, July 1 (IANS) BJP president Amit Shah on Wednesday said his party was not an individual or family-oriented one, and no other party has such a dedicated cadre.

“The BJP is the only party which has not split because it has a strong ideological foundation. It is not an individual or family-oriented party and therefore it has a proper system of regular elections from lower to national levels,” he said in his address to party cadres here at the inauguration of a two-day workshop on core party ideology and issues before the nation.

“The membership drive which helped in enlisting 11 crore new party workers is not just to create a machinery for winning elections but also to create a group of ‘karyakartas’ who would be committed to work for creating a true welfare state in India based on the principles of the party ideals,” Shah said.

The workshop is being attended by 352 party leaders, including Ram Madhav, Bhupendra Yadav, Ram Lal and Muralidhar Rao, national office bearers and five representatives from each state.

Shah said no other party has such a dedicated ‘karyakarta’ base as the BJP, with the single aim of nation building.

As claimed by the BJP, over 11 crore new members were enrolled during its recent nationwide membership drive, of which 15 lakh were screened for the party’s training programme.

Political parties were usually formed or have originated following some revolution or as a result of a movement against certain issues or as instruments for attaining political powers, but the BJP was formed with the great purpose of nation building, Shah added.

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