BJP seeking to destroy secular democratic fabric, communal peace: D. Raja

Chennai, July 8 (ANI): Stating that the Mullaperiyar Dam is structurally very strong, MDMK general secretary Vaiko on Wednesday condemned the Kerala Government’s stance on the contentious issue.

“From the very beginning, the Kerala Government and all the other political parties in Kerala have taken a very wrong stand on this. This dam is very strong structurally and in all respects that have been proved by so many reports by the expert committees. Then, the matter was taken to the Supreme Court.and finally came to the conclusion that the dam is very strong,” said Vaiko.

“So, there is no need for another dam. This is the position. Why do they want to construct a new dam? Their design is very disastrous,” he added.

The Mullaperiyar Dam is located in Kerala but supplies water to drought-prone areas of Tamil Nadu under a lease lasting for 999 years.

However, Kerala has called for a new dam to be built, claiming that the existing structure is old and vulnerable to those living downstream, while Tamil Nadu reportedly fears that a new dam would mean that it would be forced to accept a smaller supply of water.

Kerala and Tamil Nadu are locked in a dispute over the dam located in Idduki District.

While Tamil Nadu wants to increase the water level in the reservoir, Kerala has been insisting that it be reduced from the current 136 feet to 120 feet.

Kerala is arguing for construction of a new dam at Mullaperiyar in place of the existing one, which is being opposed by Tamil Nadu. (ANI)

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