BJP will have more lies in ‘Vision Document’ for Meghalaya: Congress

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Shillong, Feb 14 (IANS) Meghalaya’s ruling Congress on Wednesday charged the BJP with seeking to spread “more lies and false dreams” in its “Vision Document” for the state to be released here by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman ahead of the February 27 assembly elections.

“Tomorrow (Thursday), BJP will release its Vision Document. But the question is whether there is a need to release another document when they have not been able to achieve anything that was promised in the 2014 Vision Document,” Congress spokesperson Gaurav Gogoi told journalists here.

“Therefore, what are they going to release tomorrow? They will only release more lies and false dreams and create more frustration among the people of Meghalaya,” he said.

Gogoi claimed that it is only the Congress that can fulfill the aspiration of the young people in Meghalaya.

Attacking the regional parties for allowing BJP’s “falsehoods” to come in through backdoor, Gogoi said, “They (BJP-RSS) are using the regional parties as their Trojan horse. People have to realise that voting for a regional party whether it is United Democratic Party (UDP) or National People’s Party (NPP) is the same as voting for the BJP.”

He appealed to the people of Meghalaya to realise that this election is more about “protecting the unique identity, culture, and expression of faith of the people of Meghalaya because development is not going to happen under the BJP”.

Attacking NPP’s Chief Ministerial candidate Conrad Sangma, Gogoi said, “My simple question to NPP CM candidate is that if you could not get a simple visa of the president of the world Baptist alliance, what highways will you build? What roads will you built, what jobs will you create?”

Countering BJP’s accusation that Congress is communalising the Meghalaya elections on religious lines, he said: “BJP itself needs to answer why in Madhya Pradesh where they have their own government pastors are beaten, why are they are looking at festivals like Christmas and Good Friday to rename and convert into a government-sponsored programme like Good Governance Day and Digital India Day. So BJP itself is dividing, divisive…. but Congress, as the word suggests, means people coming together.”

Gogoi also maintained that his party is “known for ensuring peace, allowing every community to have its own voice, its own political representative, and own platform to express their culture”, but the BJP “believes in a uniform culture, and in their case, the half pant uniform from Nagpur (the RSS headquarters)”.

“People of Meghalaya can teach the RSS one or two things about India,” he said.



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