Blast house male said to be ‘convicted killer’ Rober Nadler

Blast house couple

File pics of Diane Page and Robert Nadler – the two who died in the Mississauga house explosion.

The body of a man found in the rubble of the house at the epicentre of the at the Mississauga explosion has been identified as that of Robert Nadler, 55.

On Thursday evening, Peel police identified the body of a woman found at the home on Hickory Drive as Nadler’s wife, Dianne Page.

It has been reported that Nadler’s age on property records match that of another Robert Nadler from Mississauga, who was convicted of second-degree murder in 1982 for killing his former  friend, Eric Milton Pogson, then 20 years old  over an $800 dollar  debt. A member of Nadler’s family told a reporter that the deceased Nadler, who was 19 at the time, is the same man convicted of the Mississauga murder in 1982.

Pogson’s parents had reported him missing in 1979. His body was found a year later. Pogson had been beaten, stabbed and strangled and buried in a shallow grave in the woods near Golden Orchard Drive, not very far from Hickory Drive.

Nadler and Pogson knew each other from school at Silverthorn Collegiate in Etobicoke. Nadler was reported to have struck Pogson first with a hammer, fracturing his skull. He then attacked him with a kitchen knife. .

Nadler was sentenced  to life in prison on a first degree murder charge with no chance of parole for at least 10 years.

Peel fire officials, meanwhile, said the cause of the Hickory Drive explosion is still a mystery.  – CINEWS

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