‘Blessed’ Congress never gets a bad name: PM Modi

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New Delhi, Mar. 9 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday alleged that the Congress managed to get away with everything without facing consequences and said that the grand old party, which is blessed, never got a bad name for itself.

Prime Minister Modi, who was addressing the Rajya Sabha on the Motion of Thanks on President Pranab Mukherjee’s address, asserted several crucial Bills were being blocked in the House for which the nation is waiting.

Here are the highlights from the Prime Minister’s address:

– When we criticise the Congress, it is reported as – criticism on Opposition, not criticism on Congress. Congress never gets a bad name: PM Modi

– We need to worry about lack of education facilities and overcome the challenges in this sphere: PM Modi

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– This is the Upper House. There are stalwarts in this House and what happens here influences other assemblies as well: PM Modi

– Nation is waiting for us to pass many Bills. This is a Chamber of Ideas and it must guide the nation. Coordination between both Houses is essential: PM Modi

– Let us pass those bills passed in the Lok Sabha as soon as possible and give impetus to India’s progress: PM Modi

– We need to shift from incremental improvements to a quantum jump and that is what we are trying: PM Modi

– ‘There are two kinds of people in the world – one who work and others who take credit. There is less competition in the first category,’ Indira Gandhi said this: PM Modi

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– We have focussed on policy-driven governance and given an importance to transparency: PM Modi

– We are focussing on accountability. I am reviewing infra projects & am seeing projects are stalled for decades: PM Modi

– I am not an economist like Manmohan Singh, that’s why I am not that knowledgeable. But I know some things: PM Modi

– Decentralisation is the third aspect of good governance: PM Modi

– Effective or last mile delivery is what we are working on: PM Modi

– The biggest beneficiaries of MUDRA bank are SC/ST, OBC communities and women: PM Modi

– There is a funny thing about death, no one blames death. They blame the reason why people die. Sometimes I feel Congress is a beneficiary of that logic. When we criticize the Congress, it is reported as – criticism on opposition, not criticism on Congress. Congress never gets a bad name: PM Modi

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– Cleanliness is becoming a mass movement. For first time Parliament debated on it. Govt may be criticised but issue is being discussed: PM Modi

– Cleanliness helps the poor the most. Due to lack of cleanliness the poor are forced to spend more money on medicines: PM Modi

– Have inherited certain problems as legacy and it takes time to clean that mess up: PM Modi. (ANI)

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