`Blind` Stevie Wonder accuses `dead` lawyer of ripping him off

Washington D.C., Sept 18 (ANI): Stevie Wonder has accused his late attorney for taking advantage of his visual impairment and making him sign a contract that he didn’t know.

The ‘Superstition’ hit-maker filed a complaint, wherein he said his longtime lawyer Johanan Vigoda made him sign a contract that said Stevie would pay Johanan 6 percent of all music royalties, when the singer was 21-year-old, TMZ.com reported.

In addition to this, there was a clause in the contract that says payments to the lawyer’s family will go on “forever.”

Notably, Johanan died in 2011, but the American singer’s record company continued to pay Johanan’s widow.

Wonder also shared that he was betrayed by a man he trusted and wants a judge to declare he no longer has a duty to pay royalties, because the attorney took advantage of a blind man. (ANI)

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