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Washington DC, July 26 (ANI): With his performance at the Country Jam USA music festival, Blake Shelton recently made his first public appearance following the announcement of his divorce from Miranda Lambert.

Admitting his nervousness during the show, the 39-year-old singer said that he drinks a lot when he is nervous but he came all this way for the concert and he won’t stop until he is asked to, reported People magazine.

Commenting on the ‘Lonely Tonight’ hit-maker’s performance, a fan said that the singer seemed to be in a positive mood despite the circumstances and it was a really fun time.

The fan further said that the singer was trying to get the camera crew to show the crowd on the big screen at one point, but that didn’t work to which Shelton joked, “Come on, who’s in charge here? This isn’t my week.”

However, sources reveal that Shelton, who was photographed without his wedding ring on July 22, is focusing on his job and is engaged and friendly as he has always been. (ANI)

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