Bobbi Brown wants a world with ‘no contouring’

London, Oct 9 (IANS) Make up proffesional Bobbi Brown wants a world with “no contouring” beauty trends.

The 59-year-old make-up artist , who founded her eponymous luxury cosmetics brand in 1991, which was bought by Estée Lauder five years later, has admitted she hopes beauty trends return back to a “simpler” style where the contouring craze, which uses shadowing and highlighting to define the facial features, is long gone.

“With make-up, I hope we’re going to a place that is simpler and is more real. I can only hope it’s a place with no contouring,” quoted her as saying.

And the beauty mogul believes she didn’t “invent” something new, but simply discovered a “new way” to apply make-up.

“I didn’t invent anything; make-up has been around for forever. I just created a new way to wear it on your skin, how to apply it, how it feels and how it smells,” she said.



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