Bobbi Kristina Brown’s best friend tells all about her tragic final hours

Los Angeles, December 6 (CINEWS): As a major aspect of a continuous case, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s closest companion is telling all with respect to the star’s disastrous last hours.Bobbi-Kristina-Brown-Instagram-Picture

As Radar reported, Brown’s domain has been named as the respondent in a claim identified with a fender bender including Brown and Bradley. Accordingly, Bradley has been constrained to affirm in regards to her expired companion’s medication use, and her association with her then-sweetheart, Nick Gordon.

In the Nov. 9 testimony acquired by Radar, Bradley uncovers that at the season of the January 27 mishap, Brown had not been affected by medications of liquor. She clarified that when Brown did drugs, it was typical while in the organization of Gordon.

Bradley likewise talked about seeing a squabble in which Gordon, “started kicking Bobbi Kristina in the side to the point that she was on the floor shouting and nestled into a fetal position.” This assault made Brown’s tooth get thumped out. Gordon then requested that Brown go upstairs, however, she needed to creep, not able to stroll after the physical ambush, Bradley charged.

At that point, in the early morning hours of January 31, 2015, Gordon purportedly “came back from being out throughout the night on a cocaine and drinking orgy.” He then “inspected camera footage of Bobbi Kristina and listened to her discussions.”

Later, subsequent to leaving Brown’s room in an alternate arrangement of attire, Gordon supposedly, “got in informal lodging his hand on female visitor’s lower leg and expressed now I need a really minimal white young lady like you.”

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