Bobbi Kristina’s funeral donations become battleground for Browns, Houstons

Washington DC, Aug 1 (ANI): Bobbi Kristina Brown’s funeral, which is supposed to be held on August 1, is already creating a chaos between Browns and Houstons as both the families are fighting over money that will be donated by people during the ceremony.

Notably, the official invites of the funeral suggests that instead of bringing flowers people should make donations at The Marion P. Foundation, a charity run by Bobbi Kristina’s aunt Pat Houston that benefits troubled teens.

Now the fight is, the late aspiring singer’s another aunt Leolah Brown has reportedly claimed that Pat was just crediting her personal bank account via Kristina’s final ceremony and asked people not to make any donations, reported.

Sources informed that Leolah believed Pat wasn’t that sweet and kind individual that currently was trying to be and if Whitney Houston would have been alive then she would have also agreed to this. (ANI)

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