Bollywood beauty renounces a life full of fun to become a nun

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Sofia Hayat now as seen in her Facebook page.

Sofia Hayat, 42, whose life her life was a whirlwind of red carpets,  sexy dresses and champagne parties has now given up all that to lead a spiritual life and became a nun by the name of Gaia Mother Sofia. She is not  affiliated with any specific church.

Growing up in south London, at the age of  26 she got her dream job as a TV presenter on an Asian youth show. In 2009 she made her Bollywood debut in The Unforgettable.

Sofia used to love wearing nice clothes and going to glamorous red carpet events, she said. Working in Bollywood meant dividing her  time between the UK and Mumbai and she became known on the celebrity circuit as ‘the glamorous Brit in Bollywood’.

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“In India, stars shuns admitting to any physical enhancements, so I never confessed to my 2010 boob job and the Botox sessions I had, but my down-to-earth personality was refreshing for Bollywood fans,” she said. After becoming spiritual in April this year, she had removed her breast implants “so I could return to being the real me”.

“For the next five years I continued acting and did modelling shoots, too, often earning £20,000 each time. At home, my wardrobe was full of Gucci, Dior and Louboutin, and life revolved around champagne-fuelled parties.

Talking about her love life she says she  dated lots of men, too, including cricketer Rohit Sharma. “I thought I was in love with a few of them, but none of the relationships lasted. While most of the time I loved this bubble, every so often I’d have pangs of unfulfilment – I felt like I was just existing, not really living, ” she said.

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“In the summer of 2014, I was at a London hotel and saw a healing session on the list of spa treatments. It involved reiki, which is said to channel healing energies through the power of touch. At first I was a little nervous, but as the therapist’s hands hovered over me, I felt a sense of inner peace I’d never experienced. It was so overwhelming. I’d never paid much attention to spirituality before – but the more sessions I had, the more I found spiritual peace”.

She says she started to question if there was another path out there for her and began studying reiki and meditation. “Then in July last year, my relationship ended because my sexual desire had faded. I decided to become celibate”.

She says her relationship with her mother hasn’t been great since she became famous, but ‘I’m now hoping we can get to know each other again’.

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“I meditate for five hours a day, give healing sessions and regularly visit a girls’ orphanage in India to offer support. I mainly live off my savings and while I don’t like to charge, people pay for their healing sessions as they know I have living expenses. When I look at photos of the old me I still smile, as my previous life was so wonderful. But I love this one more,” she added. – CINEWS

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