Book on Jian Ghomeshi investigation to be out in Oct.

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Goose Lane Editions of Frederiction has announced that it will publish Secret Life: The Jian Ghomeshi Investigation on 4 October 2016. Authored by Kevin Donovan, Secret Life will take readers into the Toronto Star‘s investigation of one of the most explosive news stories of the decade.

When superstar broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi revealed his interest in “rough sex” in a Facebook post in October 2014, the nation was riveted. Speculation abounded. Rumours had already been swirling, but Ghomeshi’s post was the first public indication the beloved radio host had a hidden side. What the public did not know was thatCanadaland podcaster Jesse Brown and Toronto Star journalist Kevin Donovan had been quietly pursuing allegations against Ghomeshi for months.

In Secret Life, Kevin Donovan takes readers behind the scenes of that investigation, which later ignited a conversation about sexual assault and consent that would consume the country. Exploring the challenges of examining such a controversial topic, Donovan navigates the twists and turns of the story as only he can.  Says Donovan, “Secret Life goes beyond the headlines.  It includes the delicate conversations with the women who told their stories and the insiders who offered exclusive details, the explosive revelations of the trial, and Ghomeshi’s courtroom apology. Secret Life also explores the historic lack of reporting of sexual assault and why victims hesitate to come forward.”

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Shedding light on contemporary journalism, Donovan illuminates the complexity of gathering accounts of sensitive material from both named and confidential sources, including those women who feared it was their word against a beloved national idol’s.

“Goose Lane Editions has a solid history of publishing books that spark national dialogue,” says PublisherSusanne Alexander. “More than the story of one investigation, Secret Life is also an important examination of sexual assault, the cult of celebrity, and the politics of power.”

Secret Life will be released simultaneously in print and digital formats.

KEVIN DONOVAN is an investigative reporter and editor at the Toronto Star. He has won two Governor General’s Awards (Michener) for public service journalism, three National Newspaper Awards, and three Canadian Association of Journalists Awards. He is also the author of ORNGE: The Star Investigation that Broke the Story. – NNW

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