‘Born To Run’ child actor’s ambition is to become a doctor

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Mayur Patole in a scene from the film.

There are some similarities in the lives of Pune-based Mayur Patole who portrayed the character of Budhia Singh in the latter’s life story Budhia Singh – Born To Run. While Budhia is obsessed with running, Mayur wants to focus on education so that he can be a doctor. There are other similarities between these two reel and real-life characters. Both lost their fathers when they were quite young and both hail from economically-poor backgrounds.

Eleven year-old Mayur stays in Janata Vasahat, a slum in the slope of the Parvati hill, the city’s largest slum. But unlike his onscreen character, who is expressive, Mayur is an introvert. Try to strike a conversation with Mayur and the chances of it being reduced to a monologue are very high. His uncle, Baliram Apange, who is his mother’s brother, says that Mayur doesn’t talk much. The young boy, however, is very much aware that in the eyes of the people from his slum, he is ‘a film actor’, and he feels good about it. Although, a career in acting is not what he wants in his life.

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“I want to be a doctor,” says Mayur, whose mother works as a housemaid in a few houses in the vicinity. Mayur studies in Grade VI at Nandadeep Education Society in Parvati. Over three years ago, some representatives from the production team of the film had visited his school and had asked the boys of his age group to say a few dialogues. Four boys, including Mayur, got selected and were asked to come to Mumbai for a second round of audition. Mayur, along with his uncle, visited Mumbai for four rounds of auditions, after which he was informed that he had been chosen for the film.

The shooting of the film took place in different locations like Wai, Kolhapur, Mumbai and Odisha, where Mayur was accompanied by his uncle. Apange, who works at a fabrication company, says that during the shoot, Mayur was quite at ease and would do as was told.

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Soumendra Padhi, director of the film, says that almost 200 boys from across the country were auditioned for the role but none could come close to Mayur.- CINEWS

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