Brampton bitterly divided after LRT cancellation

Brampton, November 13 (CINEWS): The LRT routing may have been put to rest in Brampton, but it is something that will color and come into discussion for years to come. Rejecting the LRT routing through Brampton was seemingly easy, not so putting together an improvement plan for the moribund downtown core which has dozens of shuttered storefronts, fewer visitors and is oddly deserted at times it should not be the case.City_of_Brampton
City Councillor Gurpreet Dhillon who came out strongly in support of the LRT lost no time in reminding those in council who rejected the LRT plan that the best way re-vitalize Brampton’s downtown was to have said yes to an LRT running through the core. “This would have brought shoppers and revived business in the area,” he said. It would’ve worked a lot better and cheaper than throwing money at an improvement plan for the downtown. Dhillon isn’t a fan of the incentive program which assists downtown landowners and businesses to give their properties a facelift.
“I agree that it makes things look good. It makes thing look better. I think this program is a Band-Aid for downtown.”
Resident Andrew deGroot, a supporter of HMLRT, ridiculed councillors for continuing to support a program he described as an attempt “to put lipstick on a pig.”
“This façade program highlights the challenges and hypocrisy of this council,” deGroot said. “Instead of dealing with the true issues at hand, and making real investments that would move this city forward, you are proposing to make superficial or cosmetic changes in a futile attempt to disguise and distract from the true problems facing this city.”
At the Economic Development Committee meeting last week city staff asked council to set funds aside in next year’s budget to accommodate improvements to 13 properties along Main Street.
As Councillor Dhillon pointed out, had there been an LRT along Main Street, business would’ve improved and owners of the properties would be in a position to pay for their own upgrades.
Meanwhile Mississauga councillors, residents and land developers are looking forward to their portion of the LRT which is expected to lead to a condo and office building boom along Hurontario. The LRT will help in the densification in the area while in Brampton sprawl could continue to be what defines the city.

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