Brampton candidates are used to their lawn signs disappearing


It’s happening in other areas too!

Brampton, October 16 (CINEWS): According to some observers, politics in Brampton is played much the same way as politics in Punjab. Candidates trade barbs and aren’t above nodding and allowing their campaign staff to play dirty tricks.
All party workers complain that their candidates’ lawn signs are being defaced, destroyed and pulled down. In some cases the signs that have been put up in the morning are torn down that very night.
One exasperated campaign worker said that he visits one prominent location to replace or restore the damaged lawn sign every single day. “ Our rivals go around in the cover of darkness and when no one is looking, they quickly pull down the sign. But we have to expect that sort of thing, at the same time because hundreds of drivers pass that intersection every day, we can’t afford not to have our sign up,” he said.
Does his campaign workers destroy lawn signs belonging to their rivals. He swears he has never laid a finger on a lawn sign that belonged to the rivals. In fact in some locations, his lawn signs co-exist harmoniously with the other rivals because it is common property.
One senior campaign worker who was active in political campaigning back in Punjab says it would have been so nice and effective if politicians and campaign workers could go out in jeeps and loudspeakers blaring out slogans and jingles. “Here it is quiet boring actually,” he confessed.
What seems to be exciting for some campaign workers is pulling out lawn signs of their candidate’s rivals. Doing it surreptitiously at night without being caught is the most thrilling part of the campaign. It certainly is a lot more fun that going out and putting up lawn signs.

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