Brampton considers photo radar in school zones

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The City of Brampton is looking to make school zones safer than ever before by introducing photo radars.

In 2017 the Province of Ontario passed Bill 65, the Safer School Zone Act, giving cities permission to use Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE), or photo radar, to improve traffic safety.

Earlier this year Mayor John Tory says he expected to have photo radar introduced in school zones across Toronto “this year.”

Tory had made the announcement at the launch of Toronto police’s “Slow Down Toronto” campaign at Cornell Junior Public School, near Lawrence Avenue East and Markham Road.

“We’re in the midst of a planned speed-up of the introduction of speed enforcement technology in school zones, and I hope we have news to report in that regard in a very few weeks,” Tory had said.

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Photo radar is part of Tory’s plan to try and improve road safety across schools. The city announced last fall that is was implementing photo radar in school zones, but it was expected to take about a year or so to get it approved by Queen’s Park.

ASE works similarly to red light cameras. Instead of having police monitor school zones and community safety zones, cameras would automatically record reckless driving and speeding and send a fine directly to the driver.

A few things worked out before ASE is implemented. For starters, the actual tech hasn’t been purchased, but the city is likely to put forward a joint request for proposal with the City of Toronto and other municipalities.

There are also some technicalities that need to be cleared up, including across-the-board enforcement thresholds for cities who will use ASE. Currently, some cities have a zero-tolerance policy for speeding in school and community zones, while others have set tolerances above the speed limit. Cities will look to the province to set standards.

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Other details like service levels, driver education, and enforcement will need to be established before the technology can go live.

But one thing is for sure, all parents of school going children would love to see School Zones become safer for their kids. – CINEWS

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