Brampton councillor feels council is pushing wrong priorities

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In recent weeks it would seem as though the only thing being done at Brampton city hall is changing names of roads, discussing new names for new parks and granting the dedication of days, weeks or months to any religious and cultural group on demand.

Recently Brampton wards 3 and 4 Councillor Martin Medeiros wondered aloud if council was spending too much time and energy pushing wrong priorities. More specifically, he was troubled by city council’s decision to declare December “Christian Heritage Month.”

He saw this as yet another violation of the idea of separating Church and state. Apparently, the decision was in response to some pressure from a city resident who would want nothing less than turning back the clock and ensure more references to Christianity in public.

Medeiros, like so many others seems a tad uncomfortable with the decision to rename part of Peter Robertson Boulevard after Sikh religion founder, Guru Nanak.

He is of the thinking that this decision has opened the proverbial Pandora’s Box and more such demands from other cultural and religious groups will be made and council will be forced to dedicate time and city resources toward granting these wishes.

Unfortunately, there are too many politicians focused on the short-term more in keeping with their own terms in office rather than making decisions keeping the city’s future in mind. -CINEWS

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