Brampton dad drowning highlights need for all to learn swimming


Last week’s tragic death of Asitkumar Gandhi, a 40-year-old divorced father who jumped into the water to rescue his older daughter who had slipped into Professor’s Lake last Saturday underscores the need for children as well as parents to know basic swimming skills.

Professor Lake

Professor’s Lake

In Canada a country with the largest freshwater reserve in the world contained in two million lakes in Canada makes it inevitable that Canadians will end up recreating or living close to some body of water.
A study undertaken some years ago showed that new Canadians faced a significantly higher risk of drowning while enjoying aquatic activities, Immigrants are four times more likely to be unable to swim than native-born Canadians.
The study, conducted by the Lifesaving Society, found that about one in five newcomers don’t know how to swim, compared to one in 20 people born in Canada. The research is being billed as the first in Canada to examine the links between ethnicity and the ability to swim.
Too many new Canadians and other immigrants aren’t keen on swimming as it involves showing some amount of skin, this often clashes with their modesty or conservative background and because of this, many parents avoid learning to swim and fail to sometimes enroll their children in swimming lessons. With summer vacation around the corner knowing basic swimming techniques could save one’s life or help save the life of someone else.

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