Brampton declares war on nuisance signs


Come summer and the renovation season is on and with that comes a deluge of signs advertising lawn services, roofing companies, garage sales, basement finishing… Such signs are ubiquitous across the GTA and while some business people willfully disregard the rules and put up signs brazenly on public and private property, many individuals may or may not be aware that planting such signs are illegal.yard sign
The City of Brampton’s Sign By-law prohibits signs on roads, grass boulevards, traffic signals and light pots and definitely on no public property.
The Enforcement and Maintenance and Operations divisions have the herculean task of removing such signs every year, approximately 8000 signs.
The problem is that such signs are ugly and end up ruining the look of a neighborhood.
In 2015, Brampton dedicated more resources to remove such signs, it ended up removing 5370 signs and many thousands more to go. Enforcement Officers also respond to reports from residents who have called 311 to report such concerns.
When illegal roadside signs are seen, Enforcement Officers identify and contact the company and educate them on the by-law requirements. If the business ignores the warning, the City then goes on to prosecute the offender.
The problem in eradicating the scourge of such signs in the city is compounded because often the companies aren’t really valid entities and are one-man shows. It is hard to trace the person involved as they often use answering services or untraceable pay-as-you-go cellphones.
If you see anyone defacing city or public property with signs, call 311 and protect the look of your neighborhood.

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