Brampton hosts KiteFest this weekend



The 2nd annual Kitefest, Canada’s first eco-friendly kite festival happens this weekend (June 6th-7th) at the Gore Meadows Community Centre between 11 am and 4 pm. Dozens of kite flying enthusiasts are expected to make kitesthe scene. KiteFest is a free family festival that brings families together, celebrates green energy, nature and South Asian culture. Whether you’re an avid kite enthusiast or a first time flyer, KiteFest is a chance to experience the joy of kite flying and help paint the Brampton sky with a sea of colourful kites. “KiteFest is an event where families can unplug, get outside, and experience the joy of making a kite come alive with wind power,” says event organizer Rick Davis. “The beauty of kite flying is that anyone can do it and it’s an accessible, affordable activity for families.” The festival will include choreographed kite performances by professional kite flyers from stunt kites to ballet kites and even a wide variety of animal kites. There’s also plenty of space to fly a kite of your own. Children can make their own at Tim Hortons’ free interactive kite making zone where they’ll decorate a kite and learn to fly a kite. Notable members of the Brampton community in attendance will include MPP Jagmeet Singh.

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