Brampton man fined for hiding 19 songbirds in his jacket


A Brampton man has been fined $400 and put on probation for a year for causing distress to 19 songbirds he concealed in plastic haircurling tubes he hid inside secret pockets of a jacket last fall.
Vishnu Narine went to Pearson International Airport wearing the jacket, but he was caught by CBSA officers who rescued the birds and put them in cages with food and water, then called the Ontario SPCA.songbird_Apr2
All of the birds were inspected and found to be well, according to the OSPCA.
Last month Narine pleaded guilty to one count of causing distress to an animal.
The birds were discovered during a routine passenger screening. They were hidden inside modified, plastic haircurling tubes that were taped together. The tubes were concealed inside hidden pockets that were stitched into the interior of Narine’s jacket.
Orders have been issued to Narine requiring that he properly care for the birds.

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