Brampton proposes fraud hotline to report municipal waste



Brampton City staff have propsed the “Corporate Fraud Prevention hotline” to encourage whistleblowers and employees with a conscience or an axe to grind to call in anonymously and report waste and abuse in the municipal government. But it will cost $140,000 and not all members of the Audit Committee think it will be worth the cost.Hotline
There is also a proposal to contract auditors at the cost of $100,000 as and when it is warranted.
But it is not clear that such measures are required unless it can be demonstrated that fraud costs the city substantially more than the cost of setting up the hotline which will be run by a third-party provider.
The amount for 2015 will be funded through the general rate stabilization fund.
The matter is expected to be put before council for final approval. Fraud and waste is endemic and often made legitimate in government circles. Sometimes waste of taxpayer dollars could be the amount city staff is paid to do work that pays half in the private sector. It is a criminal waste, too bad, charges can’t be pressed against individuals who get paid an obscene amount of money to do very little work, the hiring managers that look the other way and the unions that protects these individuals.

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