Brampton tells landlords to delay heat in rental units

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Global climate change is forcing cities and landlords to revisit the time when heating and cooling needs to be switched on and off. Given that it may be a while before it truly begins to get cooler, the City of Brampton is advising landlords of rental accommodations to begin heating for residential rental units no earlier than September 22.

Brampton’s Adequate Heat Bylaw requires suitable heat to be provided by a landlord in rental accommodations starting September 15. This date was acceptable and practical because in years past, the weather was a lot cooler. However, in view of the weather forecast of 20 plus Celsius for most of September, the city has changed the start date from September 15 to 22. Given that there doesn’t seem to be much cooling in the next few weeks, it is likely that landlords will have to ensure the air-conditioning is running until at least the end of September.

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For more information, people can read more on the city’s website for

Under the law a landlord is responsible for providing heat to a residential dwelling at a minimum of 21 degrees Celsius between September 15 and June 1 of each year.

If the heating/ventilation system is out of service and currently being repaired/maintained, this is not a violation and no investigation is required.

If a tenant has any concerns about the heating or cooling in their rental unit, the superintendent, the property and/or the proper owner should be informed in writing. -CINEWS

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