Brampton trustee Harkirat Singh reinstated


Two school trustees in Toronto and Brampton were removed from their positions after missing the March 27 deadline to file financial documents from their campaigns. Brampton Wards 9 and 10 Peel District School Board trustee Harkirat Singh went to court and earlier this week, a Superior Court ruled to extend the deadline for filing and him back in the Peel District HSSchool Board seat he won during last fall’s municipal election.
Singh challenged the ruling in court, where his lawyer argued the missed deadline was “inadvertent” and the penalty too harsh for the unintentional failure by his client.
Singh’s court application was filed jointly with Gurratan Singh, an unsuccessful regional candidate in Brampton’s Wards 9 and 10. The two men shared campaign offices as well as the same campaign manager and accountant.
If not for this ruling, Gurratan would have been unable to run for any office until after the next election.
After the apparent mix-up, Harkirat Singh ended up filing his financial statements and auditor’s report five days late and Gurratan was six days late.

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