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Brampton unveils Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

The City of Brampton has created a new five-year Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and Work Plan. It sets out opportunities to foster a more inclusive organizational culture that engages, develops and celebrates its people, and attracts a diverse workforce.

This week, City Council participated in a workshop led by the Canadian Centre for Diversity & Inclusion (CCDI), who provided insight on the survey of the City’s employees they conducted from January to March 2019. The CCDI analysis also included evidence from focus groups, leadership assessments, and an organizational maturity analysis.

A workplace strategy of this type directly impacts the community. Leading public sector organizations like Brampton know that an increase in inclusion means an increase in employee engagement. In turn, employee engagement affects productivity and customer service – and efficient, effective delivery of services creates trust and confidence among residents, businesses and stakeholders.

The strategy has four priorities:
· Grow a diverse workforce reflective of the community the City of Brampton serves
· Foster a more inclusive environment where individuals say, stay, and strive
· Develop awareness and ability of all employees for diversity and inclusion to thrive
· Celebrate our uniqueness and shared successes by upholding the City’s values of trust, integrity, courage and compassion

Looking ahead to 2020, the City will create a new staff committee to ensure it appropriately identifies and implements key initiatives that support a diverse and inclusive workplace. The City’s Strategic Leadership Team will all have related performance goals and accountabilities. The City will create safe spaces to connect with colleagues and leaders. And, Employee Resource Groups will be established to connect employees who identify by similar diversity dimensions.

In a media interview, Mayor Patrick Brown had this to say: “I believe passionately in an inclusive and equitable work environment. The results clearly show that we have work to do in Brampton. I worked with CCDI on the Peel Police Services Board and know that they are committed to helping the City address our shortcomings. That is why at our next Council meeting I will be moving a motion to immediately accept all of the recommendations.” -CINEWS


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