Brampton welcomes first-ever culture master plan

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The City of Brampton recently approved its first culture master plan that will enhance opportunities in the arts and culture sector to further economic development in the city.

The culture master plan lists 47 actions to help achieve the six goals outlined in the plan that include providing resources, funding, space, talent development, production and presentation in local arts and artists, and promotion.

In a press release, councillor and chair of economic development and culture, Jeff Bowman said, “Arts and culture are essential to the vibrancy and success of any city, not  only because they create jobs and drive economies, but also because the $28.5 billion Ontario arts industry contributes to residents’ quality of life and visitor experience.”

The development of the plan began in October 2017 and the process included consultation with thousands of residents and participants representing several stakeholder groups on their thoughts on arts and culture in Brampton.

Implementation of the culture master plan will begin immediately, and actions will be presented in alignment with the city’s annual budget process. These are truly exciting times to be a resident of Brampton. There is a university in the plan and now culture. What a winning combination. – CINEWS

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