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Bramptonians pay highest auto insurance rates in Ontario

Residents of Brampton pay the highest auto insurance rates in the province, exceeding the provincial average by over $1,000 per year. Mississauga was third on the list with an average annual premium of $2,086. Richmond Hill at $2,033 per year and Toronto at $1,948 rounded out the top-five most expensive places to insure a car in Canada’s most populated province. The report from online auto insurance quote service

estimated the average annual auto insurance premium across the province at $1,473. The average annual premium in Brampton came in $1,021, or 69.3 per cent, higher at $2,494 per year.

Bramptonians pay $366 more per year on average than residents in Vaughan, which was second-highest on the list with an average yearly rate of $2,128.

“Auto insurance rates in the GTA continue to be the highest in the province,” said Janine White, VP of marketplaces and strategy in the release. “Traffic density, congestion, collision frequency, and increased repair costs due to vehicle complexity have a significant impact on the premiums drivers pay in the region.”

Last October Brampton East MPP Gurratan Singh introduced a bill at Queen’s Park last October seeking an end to auto insurance “postal code discrimination” which was defeated.

“Traditionally, one of the factors that goes into determining your insurance premium in Ontario is where you live. However, this could change in future with Bill 42. This legislation, if passed, could make it so your postal code is no longer a factor in what you pay for coverage. In the meantime, drivers are encouraged to shop around for the best price,” added the Kanetix report.

But also changing the accident and claims statistics in Brampton and elsewhere in the GTA is something that can eventually bring down the rates of auto insurance.

What cities in Ontario are the most expensive for auto insurance?
1.Brampton – $2,494
2.Vaughan – $2,128
3.Mississauga – $2,086
4.Richmond Hill- $2,033
5.Toronto – $1,948
6.Markham – $1,943
7.Pickering – $1,714
8.Whitby- $1,673
9.Hamilton – $1,670
10.Ajax – $1,651

While it is the responsibility of the government to temper auto rate hikes and insurance companies to be fair, drivers and other players need to be honest and better drivers. -CINEWS

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