Bramptonians to pay up to $127 more in 2018 taxes

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Brampton is growing by leaps and bounds which brings with it the added headache of creating, expanding and replacing infrastructure to keep up with the growing needs. These challenges will gobble a lot of the tax dollars and establishing the first university in the city is also expected to be an expensive proposition.

This can only mean one thing- higher taxes for Brampton homeowners. The budget document, slated for approval December 13, is proposing a net budget increase of 3.7 per cent. The tax levy works out to 2.7 per cent or $127 more ($4,857) for the average home in Brampton assessed at $471,000. And for most homes that cost more than that, taxes will be even higher.

Meanwhile residents may as well resign to having to spend more in user fees on a range of services from marriage licenses, cemetery fees and recreation facility rentals, to bring in increase revenues and bring costs in line.

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For residents who are sure to complain and protest taxes, it might be worth knowing that the growth rate in Brampton is twice that of the Region of Peel, three times Ontario’s and two-and-a-half times more than the national average. And that information has been out for a while now and anyone driving through Brampton can’t help but notice the number of projects under construction. More people, newcomers in particular are moving to Brampton and with that comes the need to ensure that the infrastructure keeps up with this pace of growth.

The December budget will the fourth, and final, fiscal plan delivered under current Mayor Linda Jeffrey. – CINEWS

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