Brazen armed robbery at Malton jewelry store caught on camera

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Masked robbers used a van to smash their way into a Malton jewelry store owned by Baldev Manjania that was open and serving customers at the time. This was quite possibly one of the most brazen robberies of a jewelry store in broad daylight.

Here’s how the drama unfolded. Last Saturday, a red van was backed multiple times into the front, barred window of New Rana Jewelers, on Airport Rd. near Derry Rd.

Video surveillance shows the counter rock and customers and employees seek cover as the van crashes the window. The neon open sign is seen flying into the store.

Three masked robbers in hoodies then make their way inside.

When one of them pointed a gun at Manjania’s wife, he decided to get his large sword and chased after them. The men can be seen running into another car leaving the van behind in the video.
An undisclosed amount of jewelry was stolen.

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None of the employees or customers were injured.

Police have a forensics unit is going over the van but so far, no suspects have been identified.

Had it not been for the bravery of the owner who fearlessly chased after robbers, one of whom had a gun, they would have made off with a lot more jewelry and quite possibly there could’ve been some injuries or worse. -CINEWS

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