Brazil to overcome crisis step by step

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Brasilia, Jan 7 (IANS) Brazil will overcome its current political and economic crisis step by step with the government not planning to announce a large package of measures to tackle them, an official said.

“It is not time for packages anymore, there is nothing bombastic to be done,” Brazil’s chief of staff Jaques Wagner said on Wednesday.

Wagner is the most senior member of President Dilma Rousseff’s cabinet and heads negotiations with the parliament.

“We will keep seeking to restore macroeconomic and fiscal balance, opening a path to growth,” Wagner said.

Wagner said that the government aims to restore confidence among local businessmen and foreign investors in 2016, hoping this will boost employment.

He noted that 2015 ended on a better note than many people had expected, although the impeachment process against President Rousseff had begun.

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Wagner hoped that the impeachment issue would soon be wrapped up.

Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies last month authorised impeachment proceedings against Rousseff, who said no illegal actions could be attributed to her and dismissed the arguments in favour of impeachment as being “inconsistent”.

Rousseff said she was confident to finish her presidential term.

Brazil’s Supreme Court has ruled that the impeachment process should be continued but the Senate should review any decision made by the Chamber of Deputies.

The Brazilian parliament is currently in summer recess and will only review the impeachment issue in early February.

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