Bread bank in Aurangabad ensures daily meal for the deprived

Aurangabad, Dec. 28 (ANI): A group of four friends have set up a bread bank in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, to feed the poor and underprivileged thrice a day.

The bread bank, run by the Haroon Mukati Islamic Centre, has 250 members who give their leftover food to the bank every day.

Leftover food from parties and wedding programmes is conserved for distribution among the needy.

People who could barely manage a one course meal are now able to have food thrice a day due to the bread bank.The bank prepares 750 packets of food for one time. They serve food thrice a day.

The Director of Harun Mukati Islamic Centre, Yousuf Mukati, said he and his friends used to discuss ways to help the needy when they came up with the concept of a bread bank.

“We established Harun Mukati Islamic Center under the name of my father under which we have launched this new concept of ‘roti bank’ (bread bank). We see there is a lot of poverty and neediness in the city, farmers are facing a hard time. Farmers and other people have shifted to our city and employment is of a great concern. Food is a big problem; there is a single bread earner who has to take care of 6-10 people. We established ‘roti bank’ (bread bank) thinking that we should do something new,” said On the other hand, a member of Haroon Mukati Islamic Centre, Feroz Khan, requested the residents of the city to donate food to the bank so that they can distribute it among the

“Our group, Harun Mukati Islamic Centre, appeals to the residents of the city that they should donate leftover food of parties to the Islamic centre. The donated food will be conserved in deep freezer; we separate bread and curry and donate the food to the needy,” said Khan.

The bank is a relief for poverty-stricken people. More and more people are becoming a part of this initiative. (ANI)

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