Brewing feud between Uber and cab drivers at Union Station

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Cabbies across the world have instinctively fought in vain to defend their turf from rideshare companies and even though they are forced to share the market with Uber, tensions are increasing across the GTA, especially in areas with high demand for transport. In Toronto, the flashpoint between cab and Uber drivers is at Union Station.

Cab drivers complain that Uber operators are now using designated taxi stand areas even though they’re not supposed to.

According to reports cabbies are trying to turf Uber drivers from their designated parking taxi stands.

But it may be possible that newer Uber drivers could be unaware of the rules or may simply be trying to play dumb.

The problem seems to be arising as there aren’t any designated spots for Uber and Lyft drivers to pick up their rides outside Union station. If they park too far away they may end up missing their passenger or get delayed.

Meanwhile many taxi drivers confirm that their earnings have been impacted by ridesharing companies and must work longer hours just to make ends meet.

Simply allowing ridesharing companies to operate but not giving them designated areas to park will only cause running feuds as Uber and taxi drivers compete roughly for the same business.

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