BRICS Foreign Ministers call for comprehensive approach to counter terrorism

New York, Sept. 30 (ANI): The BRICS Foreign Minister today reiterated their strong condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestation.

“The Foreign Ministers expressed their conviction that a comprehensive approach was necessary to ensure an effective fight against terrorism,” the BRICS joint statement said.

They also urged concerted efforts to counter terrorism on a firm international legal basis, under the United Nation auspices.

Speaking on the United Nations Security Council reforms, the BRICS Foreign Ministers reiterated their intention to contribute to safeguard a fair and equitable international order based on the purposes and principles of the UN Charter as stated in the Ufs Summit declaration.

“They called 2005 world summit outcome document. They reaffirmed the need for a comprehensive reform of the United Nations including its security council with a view to making it more representative and efficient,” the joint statement said.

The BRICS Foreign Ministers called for a comprehensive, balanced and equitable outcome at COP 21.

“The Ministers expressed their full support for a successful outcome at the COP 21 later this year. They called for a comprehensive, balanced and equitable agreement with legal force for the post 2020 period that is in conformity with the principles and provisions of UNFCCC to be attained in an open, transparent and inclusive negotiating process,” the joint statement said. (ANI)

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