Bring your problems to our court, IS tells Afghans

Kabul, June 24 (IANS) The Islamic State terrorist group has asked people in parts of eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan to refer their problems to their judiciary.

The terror group has issued warnings in areas where they are operating warning local elders not to organise Jirgas and if people have issues they need to refer to the IS, a report on Khaama press said.

IS claimed to have judges for deciding issues brought by the people.

Provincial council members of Nangarhar province said the terror group has also warned women not to leave their homes without veils such as Burqa and Hijab.

According to the provincial council members, the terrorist group has prohibited snuff and cigarettes and threatened dire consequences if one was caught disobeying the orders.

According to reports, IS has been operating in Shirzad, Khogyani, Shinwari, Bati Kot, Achin and Haska Mina districts of Khoraasan province and some districts of Nangarhar province.

Videos and photos released recently by the group in Iraq purportedly show the barbaric killing methods applied by the terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

Afghan senators have warned that serious consequences would follow if the expansion of IS in the region was not prevented.

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