Britain’s E.U. referendum to be held on June 23

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London, Feb 21 (IANS/EFE) British Prime Minister David Cameron announced on Saturday that the referendum, in which British people will decide whether to leave the European Union (EU) will be held on June 23.

After briefing his cabinet on the agreement reached with European partners in Brussels on Friday night, Cameron confirmed that the official position of the United Kingdom government will be to defend remaining in “a reformed Europe”.

Speaking at the Downing Street for over two hours following the cabinet meeting, the British prime minister pointed out that leaving the EU will “threaten our economic and national security”.

“I do not love Brussels. I love Britain. I am the first to say there are many ways the EU needs to improve,” Cameron said, explaining that “the task of reforming Europe does not end with yesterday’s agreement”, which gives the UK a “special status” in the EU.

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In his speech that marks the beginning of the campaign ahead of the June referendum, the head of the British government said that his country is “safer” and “stronger” in a reformed Europe, warning that breaking ties with the continent would be “a leap in the dark”.

Cameron will propose before the parliament on Monday to hold the referendum in the announced date.

“You will decide and whatever your decision I will do my best to deliver it,” Cameron pledged.



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