British business honchos impressed with PM Modi

London, Nov. 12 (ANI): Bombay Stock Exchange CEO Ashishkumar Chauhan has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi left a very good impression on the business honchos in the UK with his assertions that he would make their dreams come true.

“Effectively he has made the bonds much stronger…He told them (the industrialists) that any projects coming from UK, basically I will make your dream come true…So, overall it is very positive,” he told ANI here.

Chauhan further said Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his British counterpart David Cameron have projected their strengths in the bilateral talks and agreements.

“Overall the momentum is building up, both Prime Ministers kind of projected their strengths,” Chauhan said.

The Prime Ministers, Chauhan said, have announced six large projects from India to UK and for UK investing into India.

“Prime Minister has projected that ultimately India’s future is the future of 17 percent of World population, so India cannot be ignored,” he said.

Former Infosys director Mohandas Pai, who was also among those present at the Business Meeting here, lauded Prime Minister Modi’s speech.

“I’ve not seen a Prime Minister market India the way he has marketed India today. He made a fantastic speech. He spoke about what he is doing for India, his policies for India, he invited Britain here. I think it is a great event and he is selling India hard and I think Great Britain wants to work with India too,” said Pai.

“A major take away from this would be that India is open to foreign investment. Just before coming here, in 15 areas he opened up foreign investment. No PM has done that. I think it is fantastic,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi today assured the business honchos in the UK that India is committed to protect Intellectual Property Rights of all innovators and entrepreneurs and said that a comprehensive National IPR policy is being finalized.

Prime Minister Modi said necessary conditions for take-off of the Indian economy have been created.

“Never before, India was so well prepared to absorb talent, technology and investment from outside. I can assure you that it will get better and better in the coming days. We will be open to welcome your ideas, innovations and enterprises. We are open to carry out necessary corrections in our policies and procedures. Given the visionary and dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Cameron and his interest in India, I am personally eager to work with the British Government and companies,” Prime Minister Modi said. (ANI)

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