British FTSE 100 decreases

London, March 19 (IANS) FTSE 100 Index, the British benchmark stock market gauge decreased by 0.19 percent, or 11.48 points, to 6,189.64 points.

Share price of Standard Chartered increased by 7.59 percent, topped the gainers of the blue chips on Friday, Xinhua news agency reported.

Sports Direct International, GKN, TUI and Whitbread increased by 5.88 percent, 3.69 percent, 3. 33 percent and 2.94 percent, respectively.

Mondi led the top losers of the blue chips with a share price drop of 5.27 percent, following by Antofagasta (4.28 percent), J Sainsbury (2.95 percent), Hikma Pharmaceuticals (2.82 percent) and Berkeley Group Holdings (2.21 percent).

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