Brussels: 16 fresh arrests made in massive anti-terror raids

London, Nov. 23 (ANI): In the massive terror raids launched across Brussels, the Belgian police announced that 16 fresh arrests have been made, however, the main suspect of the Paris attack Salah Abdeslam, was not among them.

16 people have been arrested in a total of 22 raids across Belgium on Sunday and a judge will decide tomorrow fi the arrested will be kept in custody, according to the Guardian.

The daily also reported that the Belgian police, while conducting the raids, fired at a vehicle that charged at them while they were making an arrest.

The driver was arrested later, although it is yet to be confirmed if he has any links to the anti-terror raids.

Belgium Prime Minister Charles Michel said that Brussels will remain at the highest possible level of security alert on Monday, due to fear of a possible Paris-like attack on the city.

After meeting the National Security Council to review the situation, Michel said that the threat on the city, which hosts EU and NATO headquarters, was being considered ‘serious and imminent’.

The city’s metro service and schools will remain closed today after the authorities raised the alert level from three to four yesterday.

The streets in the city bore a deserted look as security forces patrolled everywhere in Brussels following the alert. (ANI)

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