Brussels attack: Six arrested for suicide bombings

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London,Mar.25 (ANI): The Belgian Police has arrested six people in connection with Tuesday’s airport and metro suicide bombings in Brussels, while the authorities in France said they thwarted a militant plot ‘that was at an advanced stage’ there.

Federal prosecutors confirmed that six unidentified people were arrested, including three who were detained outside the prosecutors’ own office, in the centre of Brussels.

Two others were arrested in the Belgian capital and one person was arrested in Jette on the city’s outskirts.

The prosecutors released more evidence that the attacks were carried out by the same Islamic State of Iraq and Syria network responsible for November’s carnage in Paris and two suspects are still believed to be on the run, reports Guardian.

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The operation involving Swat teams and armoured cars with helicopter support began soon after 9 p.m.

The arrests came days after suicide bombers hit the Brussels airport and a metro train, killing at least 31 people and wounding some 270 in the worst such attack in Belgian history.

The attack in Brussels, which is home to the European Union and NATO, has heightened security concerns around the world and raised questions about European countries’ response to the threat from Islamist extremists.

Other reports suggested an attack may have been planned for Easter Monday.

The high-security inner areas of a nuclear power station would almost certainly have been beyond the reach of militants such as the brothers, security experts told the Belgian media.

But 140 soldiers were dispatched to guard the country’s three nuclear sites earlier this month. And after Tuesday’s bombings, the sites were sealed and non-essential staff evacuated as a precaution.

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Turkey has accused Belgium of ignoring warnings about Ibrahim el-Bakraoui, one of the two suicide bombers who detonated suitcase bombs at Zaventem airport.

The Belgian officials have rejected Turkish allegations of inaction following Ibrahim el-Bakraoui’s deportation last July, saying the foreigners suspected of fighting in Syria cannot be detained without evidence.

Bakraoui was on parole after serving half of a 10-year sentence for armed robbery.

All the Brussels attackers identified by the police and prosecutors so far have links to Salah Abdeslam, the sole survivor of the 10 jihadis who killed 130 people in Paris last November.

Brussels airport is likely to remain closed until Saturday, with passengers diverted to Antwerp, Liege and Lille in France.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria released a video on Thursday, calling on its followers to wage jihad after the Brussels bombings for which it claimed responsibility on Tuesday. (ANI)

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