Budget tries to satisfy Modi’s, Moody’s interest, says Tharoor

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New Delhi, March 10 (IANS) Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Thursday termed the union budget 2016-17 as political and said it tries to satisfy both Modi’s interest as well as Moody’s interest.

“This Budget falls between two stools, between sending reassuring signals to the rating agencies abroad and sending even more reassuring signals to the voters at home. In other words, it tries to satisfy both Modi’s interest and Moody’s interest,” Tharoor said while taking part in the discussion over general budget.

He said that budget was a political one and was prepared keeping in mind the forthcoming assembly elections.

“Yes, it is a political Budget. The government has at last discovered the virtues of attending to the needs of the agriculture sector and the rural poor. But this has much more to do with the upcoming state elections than with the coherent economic vision,” he said.

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Tharoor said that the budget has not only disappointed the aam aadmi but frustrated the economist and proved a mixed bag for the politician.

“Any budget must address fiscal consolidation that is the policy aimed at reducing the fiscal deficit, job creation usually through boosting manufacturing, increasing savings in order to boost investments, inflation control in our country which is obvious and improving investor sentiment both domestic and foreign, so we can promote growth. I am sorry to say, this Budget falls short on all these five criteria,” he said.

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