Burglar wash dishes after ransacking house in New Zealand

Wellington, July 20 (IANS) In an interesting incident in New Zealand, a woman found her kitchen cleaned up with several dishes neatly washed and dried by burglars who stole a week’s food from her house on Monday.

Haylie Anderson was out for a few days but when she returned to her Milton home, in South Otago, New Zealand, she found clothes pulled out of drawers in her bedroom, the bed slept in — possibly by two people — and a strong odour of cannabis in the air, stuff.co.nz reported on Monday.

Amid the mess, bolts were removed from her six-month-old baby’s cot, while baby towels were stolen. A week’s worth of food that included four cans of baby food were also taken.

“My pantry was pretty much cleaned out, and my freezer as well. It was probably someone hard up, but I’m a single mother myself with two young kids so it is a bit shitty that someone has done that (stealing kids’ food) to me,” Anderson said.

“I am just trying to find some answers,” she added.

Police investigating the break-in and said it was probably the work of “some drunken idiot”.

“The burglar gained access by forcing open a bathroom window of the rental property sometime between Wednesday and Saturday,” he said.

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