Caitlyn Jenner settles fatal car crash lawsuit

Washington D.C., Dec. 31(ANI): It seems like Caitlyn Jenner can now breathe a sigh of relief, as she has settled a lawsuit filed against her by one of the drivers involved in the fatal February Malibu crash.

The insurance company of the 66-year-old TV star, who faced a number of legal woes following a fatal car accident, has reportedly paid for the settlement and luckily she didn’t have to reach into her own pockets to pay for the settlement, E! Online reports.

According to the legal documents, Jessica Steindorff sued Jenner for personal injury and property damage.

However, Caitlyn’s woes are not ended yet as there are still two other lawsuits, one involving the driver and passengers of the Hummer, and the other involving the two adult stepchildren of the deceased Lexus driver. (ANI)

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