Calgary mosque break-in

Calgary, November 20 (CINEWS): Al Madinah Calgary Islamic Assembly, a mosque, in the Northeast was discovered with three broken doors and the donation boxes, two printers and a computer were stolen. Calgary has a growing Muslim population, and is home to the largest mosque in Canada, the BaitunNur mosque. The recent attacks on Paris have caused many to worry about the possible backlash against the community. mosque
Imam Syed Soharwardy discovered the break-in at the Northeast mosque shortly after he spoke at a vigil Monday evening held in solidarity with the people of Paris at City Hall. Imam Syed Soharwardy condemned the attacks on Paris and the backlash against Muslims that followed.
The incident is believed to have occurred on Sunday, before the sunset prayer. A pry bar was used to break-in and was left behind at the scene. There were no signs of vandalism and the motivation is not believed to be hate or the recent Paris attacks. This incident does follow another incident in Peterborough, Ontario where a mosque was set on fire in what police believe was a hate crime.

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