Call to build learning into children’s summertime fun!

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Unstructured play is great, but two national non-profit organizations suggest some simple ways parents can reinforce summertime learning.

SmartSAVER offers fun and rewarding suggestions for parents to help kids set goals and learn money skills by starting a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), it was announced in Toronto on July 14.

*  Take 10 minutes with your kids to complete the online RESP application at with your choice of participating financial institutions. With an RESP account, your child can start to receive government contributions for their future education, like the Canada Learning Bond that contributes up to $2,000 into each eligible child’s account.

* Try the online calculator at to check how much your child could get and to show them how their savings can grow with the Canada Education Savings matching grant.

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* Visit the bank with your child so they can check on or even add money to their RESP.

Find more RESP information at

ABC Life Literacy Canada encourages families to keep their literacy skills sharp all summer. Research shows that children who read during summer retain their literacy skills and build a head start on September learning. Try these fun activities:

* Follow a recipe together to practice reading, math and comprehension all at once!

* Traveling by car, bus or streetcar? Read signs, billboards and license plates together. Show your children how to find your destination using maps.

* Send postcards from places you visit. If you’re vacationing locally, send one to yourself!

* Build a summer book of memories. Tape in pictures and paper souvenirs and ask family members to write comments and captions.

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Find more activities at – CNW

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