Campaign for awareness on childhood kidney diseases launched

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New Delhi, March 5 (IANS) A campaign to raise awareness of the necessity to get children tested for chronic kidney diseases was launched here on Friday.

The initiative was keeping in mind the the high number of chronic kidney diseases in children which has led to complications including slower rate of growth and urinary incontinence or the loss of bladder control.

Under the campaign, parents and general public will be informed about various types of techniques to diagnose kidney diseases in children.

Pregnanant women will also be made aware about renal ultrasounds and perinatal tests especially to detect if the child in the womb is healthy and does not have any congenital kidney abnormalities or any kind of dysfunction.

According to doctors in India, estimates indicate that anywhere between 200,000 and 400,000 people develop end stage kidney disease (kidney failure) each year.

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“Kidney disease can affect children in various ways, ranging from treatable disorders without long-term consequences to life-threatening conditions. The kidney ailments usually happen in two extreme scenarios either among children born in poverty or the ones born in affluent society,” said Ramesh Jain, head of Centre for Kidney Transplant and Renal Sciences at Saroj Super Speciality Hospital.

He said the campaign will help educate general public about the importance of identifying and treating childhood kidney diseases that originates in childhood.

Among the symptoms for kidney diseases for childrens include haemorrhage, fever, rashes, bloody diarrhea, severe vomiting and stomach pain.

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